Prophet Muhammad gets the Permission to Migrate

The advent of Islam and the concept of One Allah was a direct threat to the Arab society, culture and politics of the tribal leaders of Makkah. They had uses all their means to discourage the Prophet   from spreading the words of Islam. But so far they had all but failed. Finding no other way to stop the Muslims, the leaders of the Quraish decides to go after the life of Prophet Muhammad  .

A Plot to Kill

An emergency meeting was called for attending all the Tribal Leaders to discuss strategies to tackle the issue. Various options were discussed such as house arrest of the Prophet   and imprisonment. But Abu Jahl proposed to arrange killing of the Prophet in such a way that not a single tribe is held responsible. Hence it was decided that each tribe will send a young energetic person to guard the Prophet’s house and eventually kill him jointly. Banu Hashim would not be able to declare war against all tribes for revenge and can be forced to accept blood money. This plan was agreed unanimously and killers comprising one person from each tribe were despatched to guard the house of the Prophet   with the instruction to kill him.

The Journey

Allah sent Jibreel (A) to inform the Prophet   about this secret murder plan and gave His permission to leave Makkah and migrate to Madina immediately. The Prophet   visited Abu Bakr’s house on the same day and informed that Allah (S) has given him permission to migrate. Abu Bakr’s joy knew no bound realising that he will be accompanying the holy Prophet, he cried in happiness.

The Prophet   then went to the house of his beloved late wife Khadijah where Ali (R) has been living. He was only 16 at that time. The Prophet   said to him about his migration plan and asked him to sleep on his bed at night on the day of his journey – which Ali (R) accepted smiling.

The prediction of Waraqa Ibn Naufal that Prophet Muhammad   would be expelled from Makkah came true after 13 years of the first revelation. The Hijrah occurred on 26 Safar, 01 Hijri – and Allah (S) permitted the Prophet   to leave Makkah with Abu Bakr (R).

The Prophet   came out of his house reciting Surat Yasin and throwing ash on the heads of the guards guarding his house and nobody could see him going out – Ali (R) went to his bed and slept peacefully.

The Prophet   went straight to the house of Abu Bakr (R) and both set out for the cave called Ghar-e-Thour (a narrow passage good for hiding outskirt of Makkah) taking food and water.

The news of the disappearance of the two persons spread all around Makkah like forest fire and search began, expeditions were sent to find them out but nobody could trace their presence. Rewards of 100 camels were offered for any one who could catch them dead or alive. Experts were called to trace the foot steps but of no avail. At one time they came near the cave – but spiders had woven web and they could not see anything except a small crack in the rock.

As per the plan every bit of the news came to the cave and after 3 days and 3 nights they travelled to the south towards Jeddah under the guidance of Abdullah bin Arkad. From there they took the road to Madina. This road was less travelled and parallel to the main thoroughfare. Most of the Arabs did not know about this route at that time.

Abdullah bin Arkad, though not a Muslim, did a great job with honesty and loyalty, he left them on the way to Madina. The historians do not know what happened to him afterwards.


The content of this page was compiled from video lectures on the Seerah of the Prophet Muhamamd (PBUH) by Yasir Qadhi. The video can be found here.